Who are We:

The Egyptian Representative Committee (ERC)
Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (RCOG)
The ERC is a committee that is elected by Egyptian fellows and members of the RCOG. The committee represents both the RCOG in Egypt and at the same time represents Egyptian fellows and members interests within the college. The past chairmen of the ERC through the years were the late Prof. Diaa Seif El-Din, followed by the late Prof. Maher Mahran and then Prof. Gamal  Serour (FIGO Past President) and followed by Prof. Amr El Shalakany. The ERC acknowledges the pioneering efforts of all of them in the creation of its role to the current status.

The ERC is committed to the improvement of women's health through promoting both graduate and postgraduate education, training and research in obstetrics and gynaecology. The ERC achieves its task through liaising and cooperating with the Egyptian ministry of health as well as Egyptian universities and local societies. The ERC through the years has been regularly holding courses for the MRCOG, postgraduate training courses and workshops (Basic Practical Skills, PROMPT, Postpartum Haemorrhage workshops, Obstetric Hematology , Ultrasound, Pelvic Floor surgery...) as well as holding scientific meetings and seminars independently or with collaboration with Egyptian societies and universities.

The ERC in collaboration with Egyptian specialist colleagues within the UK has established the Egyptian Liaison Group (ELG). The ELG includes consultants, specialists or trainees of Egyptian origin or of Egyptian graduation who are living within the UK. The ELG is headed by a steering committee that collaborates with the ERC and work hand in hand to facilitate all the roles played by the ERC. In addition the ELG facilitates and act as an advocate for Egyptian trainees within the UK or those planning for training there.  The ELG serves as a medium for joining all Egyptian fellows and members expatriates within the UK.


Committee Members:

Chairman: Prof. AmroEl-Nouri, Cairo University

Honorary Chairman: Prof. Gamal Serour, Al Azhar University,  FIGO Immediate Past President

Past Chairman: Prof. Amr El Shalakany, Ain Shams University

Treasurer: Dr. Adel Nawar, MOH


ERC Members:

Prof. Hossam Fahem, Al Azhar University

Prof. Yasser Aboutalib, Ain Shams University

Dr. Ahmed Mostafa Fouad, Alexandria University

Dr. Wafaa Benjameen, Matareia Hospital

Dr. Amr Helmy Yehia, Ain Shams University


ELG/UK Steering Committee:

Chairman: Mr. Ayman El-Naqa,

Secretary: Mr. Ahmed Sekotory M. Ahmed


Mr. Mohamed Allam

Mr. Mohsen Hassan

Mr. Sherif Abdel-Fattah


Membership and Fellowship to RCOG

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